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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Bucket List

I know many do this before they conceive, but having a baby has been my #1 dream for so long!
But I did think I could benefit from a Baby Bucket List to do before baby is born!

51things to do before baby

Get on a Bible reading plan and keep it up!
Complete a couples devotional.
Volunteer/Be on mission.
Get involved in Cornerstone's ministry.

Get into the habit of walking the dogs every day.
Spend an entire day at home with husband watching movies, playing games, etc uninterrupted.
Have spontaneous, fun sex.
Buy a new video game for my husband, and force him to have a "Selfish Day".
Finish foster care profile update.
Go to the Ozarks with my mom.
Have a fun shopping trip with my sister.

Memorize the 'Clean 15/Dirty Dozen' list and buy organically.
Take a prenatal yoga class.
Eat more fruits and veggies.

Read all books in 'to read' pile and don't buy any more until finished.
Catch up on scrapbooks.
Organize digital photos into albums or CDs.
Revamp my closet.
Host a dinner party.
Finish crocheting a baby blanket.
Take naps.
Get pedicures.
Get a massage.
Have a 'shopping day' to just walk around the shops slowly.
Take the time to get a nice haircut and eyebrows done.
Take bubble baths.

Get out of debt.
Have $1,000 emergency fund.
Write a living will.
Stick with our budget better.
Save (at least) the first 10% of Walter's check.

Sharpen up on meal planning strategies/cooking. 
Have a disaster kit.
Get into our new home and have the nursery decorated.
Have a laundry plan.
Streamline and organize housework.
Switch to organic cleaning supplies.
Utilize our Home Notebook with schedules and recipes, etc.
Bake. A lot.

Have a weekend getaway with my husband- possibly to a bed & breakfast.
Have a weekend getaway with my best friend- wherever she wants.
Take a 24-48hour trip by myself to be with my own thoughts.
Make a list of all the restaurants I've wanted to try and go.
Go to the art museum.
Visit Chicago.

Shoot pool.
Go to the movies and see a horror movie.
Make my husband snickerdoodle cookies, along with one of his favorite meals.
Go to a Christian concert together.
'Just Us' photo shoot.

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