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I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank You For Waiting, Friends

Disclaimer: Walter and I have struggled through infertility, and now we have the less-draining struggle of announcing our pregnancy. I only say 'struggle' because for the past couple of days we've been dodging calls and facebook messages and really are on the fence about when/how to tell others. While we are beyond thrilled of the news, it's also a scary situation to be in. We cannot wait to tell family and friends, but at the same time are almost paralyzed with fear of the 'what ifs' that can happen. We've decided to plant our fields and expect rain from our Lord. We've decided to rejoice in this miracle that has happened- no matter what.
Please know, that Walter and I would not be announcing our pregnancy if we were able to conceive any other way than IVF, but feel it is unfair to continually ask for prayer and then make our prayer warriors wait for such an unbelievable answer from God.
While things may loom in the future, we are deciding to enjoy every moment of this, and we thank you for being sensitive, loving, and rejoicing with us! We're pregnant! We are assuming it is twins, because we had two embryos implanted and because my HcG levels have been in the 'twin range' thus far. Our first ultrasound will most likely be the week of September 3rd.


  1. Praise Jesus. So exciting!!!! I can't wait to do IVF. Congrats you two!

  2. Thank you Stephanie! You're so amazing!

    Holly, IVF definitely can bring you miracles... but it is so so so draining. I'll start praying for you now. Any idea when you plan to do it?